Horse Training

We are currently not accepting new horses in for training. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Complete Equestrian believes in strong foundations for our equine friends. We believe that if it can’t be done on the ground, it can’t be done in the saddle. From starting to finishing your horses, gentle techniques are always used. We strive to cater to your horses learning needs. All horses, no matter discipline, personality or experience are accepted into our program.

Each horse is unique, so an individual training program will be set for your horse. After assessing your horses specific needs, goals will be set during their training period to allow them to achieve greatness.

Our comprehensive program encourages your involvement in your horses training program. This is to allow for the smoothest transition of your horses new techniques.

Starting your horse may involve some of the following techniques:

  • Leading and Tying
  • Grooming, Bathing and Clipping
  • Desensitizing- use of tarps, plastic bags and other “scary” objects to reduce fear and build confidence
  • Sensitizing- willingness to move off of light pressure forwards, backwards, and sideways
  • Disengaging the hind quarters
  • Lateral Flexion
  • Direction changes away and towards lounger in the round pen
  • Voice commands for walk, trot, lope/canter, halt and back
  • Ground driving
  • Saddling and bridling
  • Standing while being mounted
  • Moving forward, sideways and backwards while mounted
  • Circles, Direction changes, and gait transitions

Finishing or Refreshing

  • Continued and improved work on all of the above items
  • Collection
  • Introduce flying lead changes
  • Side and Half passes
  • Spins and Roll Backs


  • Full Care Monthly Training Fee plus 1 lesson/week for the owner: $1400/month
  • Full Care Monthly Training Fee: $1100/month